Awake SQL - Remote JDBC access over HTTP

  • Easy access to remote SQL data
  • Standard JDBC syntax for all operations
  • No network / firewall configuration required
  • Built-in security
  • Easy installation & Setup

Access remote SQL Databases securely from Android and Java Desktop applications using JDBC

AwakeSQL combines a virtual JDBC Driver and a framework to enable remote JDBC access over HTTP. Android and Java Desktop application developers can access remote SQL databases in the cloud by simply including standard JDBC calls in their code, just like they would for a local database. This greatly eases the development of Android, Swing and JavaFX applications that need to access remote data.

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version 2.3.2
  • Compatible with JDBC 4+ drivers and main SQL compliant databases.
  • Supports Android, Windows, Unix/Linux and OS X on client side.
  • Supports Windows, Unix/Linux and OS X on server side.
  • Intensively tested with major SQL databases and JDBC Drivers
  • Allows standard JDBC syntax for all operations.
  • and much more...

Accessing remote data has never been so easy